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Price Guide


The cost of your site will depend on the number of pages and number of images used and what other features may be required.  We will discuss with you what you would like and then prepare a draft site for you to see with a quote of how much it would cost. All sites are different and your quote will be based on your individual requirement, however for a guide to our pricing structure click HERE.


Once you have a site, it is essential that you keep it 'alive' and up-to-date. There is nothing more frustrating for your potential customers than seeing goods or services on offer which you no longer supply.

You might like seasonal picture changes and a 'What's New' feature to let your visitors know that you are still around.  There's an awful lot of 'dead' websites out there - and even more that just look as if they are...

Prices for updates will depend on the amount and frequency of updates required, you may require weekly, monthly or quarterly updates or even just a little change every now and again.

We will quote you a price based on your requirements


Getting your website found is now more important than ever with so many sites competing for valuable positioning on major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo.  We offer a proven success optimisation service for your website with fees which are result - led; in this way, you can be confident that we will do our utmost to achieve the results you require.  See our detailed Prices  for SEO by clicking HERE


Depending on your type of business, you might also consider selling on eBay. Using your eBay listings as a way to generate traffic to your site cannot be under estimated. We know from our current Clients' experience that traffic to your site can increase dramatically. And the more people who visit, the more likely they will buy...

We will help you Sign Up to eBay and create an 'About Me' page with links to your website. 

If you already have a strong presence on eBay, a website can generate direct sales and thus  save you on listing and selling fees. We can also integrate a PayPal shopping cart into your site for immediate purchases and payments.

Already got an eBay shop? We will help you purchase your domain name and build a site around your eBay shop, so your current listing will always be displayed on your site.

If eBay seems a bit daunting, we can also be your 'eBay Assistant' and list Auctions for you, we will quote a price for this Service based upon your requirements.


This is the address of your site - for example "www.yourname.co.uk".  It is can also be your email address - "info@yourname.co.uk" 

We can purchase your required domain name on your behalf. The price of a name ending in '.co.uk' is £10.00 and the price of a name ending in '.com' is £30.00. These prices are for registration for two years.


Once you site has been created, it must be uploaded to a webserver that is permanently connected to the internet.  Storing your site on this server is known as "Hosting".
Hosting charges are based on the size of your site and the amount of traffic it receives.

We can provide a hosting service for you. Prices start from £30.00 per year with generous storage and bandwidth packages to suit all size websites and traffic needs.

For more information email info@dwdwebdesign.co.uk

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